How to Start UPSC Preparation From Zero Level

How to Start UPSC Preparation From Zero Level- AIR-3 Topper Suggestion

How to Start UPSC Preparation From Zero Level? Hello, everyone, this is Junaid Ahmad. I’ve got AIR-3 Civil Services examination 2018. So the purpose of making this article is to help the students who are thinking of preparing for this exam. I started my preparation in 2014. So I’m not the person who cleared this exam on the first or second attempt.

Also, it took me four years to clear this exam. On my fourth attempt, I got into the services. So, I have certain experiences. I will share with you people, the journey I had, and the preparation tips. Also, I want to give you people, that there are certain mistakes that I committed. So I want to share with you people so that you should not commit those mistakes.

When to Start Preparation For UPSC

So for a beginner, the first thing is the question that comes up is when to start, that is the first basic question. For beginners. I’ve seen many people asking me whether we should start the preparation for graduation itself. I’ve received calls from students who are in the 11th and 12th classes asking me whether we should start preparation during the 11th.

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So I want to clear this thing in the very beginning when you are into your graduation or into your schooling, you should focus more on that part. That is very important, because the knowledge that you will acquire, will ultimately help you in clearing this exam. So the basic focus should be on your graduation. That is the first thing. So when to start in the NDS of your graduation, you should have a goal that you want to clear the civil services. But in the end year of graduation, you should start focusing on this exam.

How to start UPSC preparation from zero level

That is a very important question, because the syllabus is very vast, and it is very difficult for beginners to understand the pattern of this exam. So here in this article, I’m going to share some mistakes. Which I committed so that you can have a good overall plan for clearing this exam. So the first thing is you need to understand certain things before starting your preparation. And the first thing you need to understand is the time period, at least two to four years are required for clearing this exam.

Say if you clear this examined the first attempt also, then also it requires two years because you start your preparation. Then the whole circle of exams completes in one year and up to the time you go to the academy it takes around two years. So you should have this period in your mind that it takes a minimum of two years, and it can go up to four or five years. So you should be ready for that. That is very important.

UPSC Guide

The first thing that you need to understand. The second thing is as everyone no UPSC is called the mother of all exams. So you require ruthless determination in this exam, everyone knows it’s a fact that the success ratio of this exam is very less to the tune of 0.1%.

Lots of candidates appear in this exam, and only a few get selected. So ruthless determination is what is required for this exam. So this is the second most important thing. There is no space for committing any mistakes in this exam.

I’ve seen people who have given interviews and then they have flagged in prelims there is no space for committing mistakes, you need to understand this thing. The third thing you need to understand before starting your preparation is that the exam it’s a long process.

And you will see many failures during this exam. I’m telling this based on my experience. I failed in the prelims mains interview, so, there are a lot of failures.

How to Start UPSC Preparation From Zero Level? So you need to prepare your mind you need to prepare yourself for these failures. If you will be ready if you will accept these failures if you will see them from a positive perspective. Then they will teach you a lot. So these few things are there that you need to understand before starting your preparation.