how to join indian army

How to Join Indian Army | How To Prepare for For Exam and Physical

How to Join Indian Army

How to Join Indian Army? Hello friends, welcome to this new post. And this post will especially focus on various officer entries in the Indian Army. This is only in the Indian army. There are other posts on the line, which talk about how to join Indian Air Force as an officer and the Navy as an officer. This post will be especially for the candidates, who are trying for the Indian army. When applying, How to Apply, How many chances are there for SSB Okay, all these things.

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How to Join Indian Army After 12th

Okay, let us begin with the first step here. I have divided this into these five parts. The first one talks about the entry at the age of 18 Which is NDA entry and 10+2 entry.

We are talking in detail about NDA. And what is meant by 10+2 after that I’ll be talking about combined different service examinations and the university entry scheme examination. Then I’ll be talking about the Short Service Commission. There are technical and non-technical entries. Then you have a special entry here called NCC. Any graduate who is having NCC certificate can try it. Hereafter you have an entry called a Jag Okay.

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Next, you have a permanent commission, which is a technical grant commission. There are two things here education and engineering. Read the post carefully for details information. So that you will be having complete knowledge about these various entries in the Indian army.

National Defence Academy(NDA) Age Limit

How to Join the Indian Army? Let us begin with the first entry of NDA which is the National Defence Academy. In today’s situation in 2020, Only boys allow in NDA. The boys should be less than 18.5 and they should be between 16.5 to 18.5. Girls who are reading this post please don’t be sad or you know something like that. Because from last year in 2019 same school for girls has started.

So, our calculation is within three to four years, there will be a drastic change in this NDA. And even girls will allow in NDA examinations okay. So, let us wait and see for a good change because from 2019 in Territorial Army also women have started getting into debt. Okay, boys those who are reading this post carefully read it.

When Applying to NDA Examination

NDA examinations will be conducted two times. It will be conducted twice a year. NDA 1 will be conducted in the month of April for this you have to apply in the month of January and NDA 2 will be conducted in the month of September and for this. So You have to apply in the month of June you should be less than 16.5 to 18.5.

Frequently Asked Question

I am from a Commerce background can I apply for NDA?

Yes, you can. 100% you can apply but what are the challenges faced by this candidate. Compared to a candidate who is preparing from a science background.

What is the Challenge for a Commerce Background Student

If you’re in NDA there will be paper one and there will be paper two. 120 questions are solid maths will be asked here in paper one and then paper two will be conducted of GK question plus English questions okay. Anyone can pass this English 50 Okay. It is straightforward to crack this paper there is a strategy that we’ll be discussing in the upcoming posts for the NDA series. Let us wait for the new NDA days announced by the UPSC.

This part becomes really challenging because only when you pass only when you have a minimum cutoff in paper one maths. Only then you will be able to we will be taken into consideration for the merit list. okay, or I can tell that for the call offer for SSB. This is a challenge for the candidate who is preparing from a commerce background.

Who are Eligible

So, boys those who are between eight to 16.5 to 18.5 Please do keep this in mind. Apart from this, you have one more entry. This is a 10+2 entry which calls a technical entry scheme and this entry is without examination. Still, in your board exams, you should have about 85 percent.

In Notification, they will be turning 70 percent but nearly the cutoff goes above 80. Still, I am here mentioning 85. So that you can work hard for your board examinations. So these are the entries at the age of 18 You people can do it. Okay, this is an Officer entry post that’s what I’m talking only about officer entry. If you are a trained candidate for training for soldier general duty Group X group by or navy SSR. You can read our other posts which will publish soon.

Girls you have one more entry at the age of 18 that called army police. But that is not an official entry that is an officer that is a soldier kind of entry okay go into next.

Vacancy for Non-Technical Students

How to Join the Indian Army? This entry is for students who are pursuing their degrees. The combined defense service examination is for the candidate who is pursuing a degree. And this will be any delay this will be a technical degree or this could be a non-technical degree.

This examination conducts twice a year and organized by, it is, of course, the UPSC examinations. When it comes to combining different service examinations. So there are three papers- paper one, paper two, and paper three.

Paper one- It will be full of English okay there won’t be any Hindi Translation. Also, it will be completely English.

Paper Two-It will be able will be GK general knowledge or general awareness.

Paper Three-It will be maths and this paper is only for boys till today. And why only boys and that too boys below the age of 23.

How to Join Indian Army CDS Examination

Okay and this is for the candidates who are the boys who are trying I am a permanent commission. There are two types of commission you need armed forces that is permanent commission and Short Service Commission. Boys through CDs those who want a permanent commission and those who are less than 23 can try they have to write these mathematics papers to qualify okay.

So, this is one challenging thing in combining different service examinations. As I told you in the month of February this examination will conduct on CDS 1 will be in the month of February. And CDS 2 is in the month of November. Let us wait and see the newly updated dates given by these UPSC.

How to Join Indian Army Technical Students

One more entry-degree student or especially the technical entry boys and girls. This is both for boys and girls combined with different services. Even girls can write it and university entry scheme even girls can try it. Here only technical entry boys and girls are studying in the third year. Those who are studying in the third year and those who have a minimum cut-off.

For example, if I say those mechanical engineers. Those who are above 75 percent or 80 percentage. These boys and girls can apply for university entry schemes. You will call for an interview or group discussion. Thereby you qualify for SSB and you will call Bhopal or Bangalore or Allahabad or Kapurthala.

So, this is what you have to keep in mind. The Age is between 18 to 24. Okay, the age is between 18 to 24 qualification. I have mentioned degree any degree for combined different services please don’t get confused about the CDs examination it is any degree. But for university entry, it is technical entry Okay.

How to Join Indian Army Short Service Commission

Going Next there is one entry called Short Service Commission. It is technical and non-technical. This technical entry is for candidates who are having an engineering degree,s. Here will there be a minimum cutoff. And this will be called twice a year and it will be a non-technical entry also and this nontechnical is I can talk about the CDs. The candidate who is trying for officer training academy through CDs. They will be going into short Service Commission in the nontechnical entry.

Age Limit

The age group is from 19 to 25 or 27. 27 are for technical people and only 25 are for OTA students. 25 Here I mentioned it is for OTA students through CDs and only 27 is for technical entry that is mechanical. Then you have civil and electrical like that. Kindly those who have tried SSB go to the technical entry. You might have faced a difficulty like some university they gave a degree called EEE electrical engineering Okay,

Some universities gave ECE some ICE like this. So, what happens here is there will be a common subject for most of the candidates on day one insert the same pack. This is one of the bad things that happen in SSB. Most of the candidates who arrive and report for the SSB on day one are sent back. Because they don’t belong to the particular entry visa called for.

So, what you can do here is you can talk to the officer about the common subjects which are studied in the university and you can come in same that the degree with the university are provided and the individual trying both are the same and it is highly acceptable to answer.